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When you’re installing a brand new bathtub in your home you don’t want to reuse your old faucet. Doing a full bathtub install is the best time to update to brand new faucets as well. Nothing will update the look of your bathroom more than installing a new tub and faucet.

There are many different types of faucets to choose from. Some will be based on the type of tub you have, while others are open to your preferences.

Freestanding Tub Faucets
A freestanding tub filler actually needs to be mounted to the floor. This is so it can connect to the water pipes under the flooring. This type of faucet is best in larger bathrooms, as not only do you need the floor space for the bathtub, but also enough flooring space for the faucet. This type of faucet works well for tubs that are both large and tall.

Roman Tub Fillers
Roman tub fillers look like your traditional faucets from more then a century ago. They feature one classic faucet with one separate faucet for hot water and one for cold water. These faucets actually attach to the top deck of the tub, rather than to the wall or the floor. You can also buy faucets that have one handle, two handles, or up to three handles. This type of faucet is reminiscent of the ancient Roman baths and is also known to last for up to three decades.

Other Tub Faucets
Tub faucets are not interchangeable with sink faucets, so you’ll have to buy ones specifically for this purpose.

Besides your freestanding tub faucets, or your deck-mounted Roman faucets, your third option is the wall mount tub fillers. These faucets are installed to pre-drilled holes in the bathroom wall. They’re attached to pipes that are concealed behind the wall. Only the faucets and handles are exposed. For the wall-mounted versions, they can be both shower and tub combos. Some have a levered handle that’s installed directly onto the tiled wall surface.

Choosing Tub Faucet Colors
When you’re choosing faucets for your bathtub you may also wish to consider your sink faucet color or the colors of your towel holders. Make everything match and coordinate in color, and it will make your bathroom look cohesive and inviting.

There are many choices in tub faucet colors. Chrome and nickel are popular choices today as they match with almost every type of decor. But if you’re going for a classic or historic look, you can choose from brass, bronze, or one of the mixed colors or metallic tones available.

You may wish to consider faucets and new bathtubs together. On the day of installation ensure that you have both ready for your plumbers to install. In some instances, it’s best to have part of the plumbing pre-installed, before the bathtub is set into place. It’s important to have everything that your plumber needs to get the process started.

Soon you’ll have a beautiful new bathroom, complete with brand new faucets for your bathtub!