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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about tile trends? Well, if you’re like most homeowners, you’ll relate when we say some trends lack longevity — what was huge last year may turn out to be boring this year. But the good thing is, there are quite a few tile trends that hardly go out of style — in essence, they never fail to return with a modern twist and become the next big thing.

As we know, home tiling (especially the bathroom and kitchen) is a significant investment that can either make or break its overall look and decor. That said, if you’re considering revamping your bathroom or kitchen, we’ll recommend you research some of the hottest tile trends of 2018 and of course, stick to what works best for you.

Need some ideas? Just join us as we explore some of the top tile trends that are sure to be huge in 2018 and beyond.

Tainted Glass Tiles

If you’ve been keeping up with cool tile trends, you’ll relate when we say beige is here to stay and of course, the neutral colors would continue to spill over into the tile world and capture the hearts of homeowners. Today, it’s pretty easy to see bathroom and kitchens covered in glossy, eye-catching cashmere-tone tiles and trust us, you won’t be wrong to join the trend if you really want to. Ready to switch to neutrals? Just don’t make the colors overwhelming, we’ll recommend you stick to mellow shades. Don’t hesitate to team the shades with a smudge of grey and rich metallics — this is a sure way to get a perfect balance!

Marble Tiles

Yes, we all know that marble tile is a trend that has been with us for years (or even decades), but of course, many homeowners just can’t seem to get over its perfect beauty. For the most part, you can transform the looks of your bathroom with some of the prettiest marble tiles available. It’s also good to point out that slender marble bricks that can be incorporated in herringbone are huge right now. Got a thing for decorative marble mosaics? If yes, you’ll be glad to know that 2018 is the year to incorporate this style into your bathroom’s design. The good thing is, you have quite a number of options at your disposal including stylish scallops, hexagons, chevrons just to name a few.

Terra-cotta Tiles

Does this bring back old memories? We’re pretty sure it does! Essentially, Terra-cotta tiles were popular in the 70s bathrooms, but the big question is, can we still use them today? Well, of course, we can. It’s all about adding a bit of modernity to the mix — terra-cotta sure to work great in mixed pastel tones or large hexagon format. Just be creative; it’s 2018!

Texture Tiles

Let’s face it; no one likes boring or lifeless looking tiles. There’s no doubt that we’ll love to add a tactile element to perfect the look and make it outstanding. At this point, you won’t be wrong to stick with texture tiles — everything from subtle surface texture to richly embossed designs is sure to work great. To sum it up, texture tiles creates softness as well as a feeling of individuality that’s sure to add that eye-catching character to your bathroom and kitchen design.

Tile Shapes — Subways

Got a thing for subway tiles? If yes, you’re not alone — they’ve been our number choice for years if not decades. Well, in 2018, you won’t be wrong to add a bit of creativity to the mix. You can make standard subways more stylish by laying herringbone or if you’re after a more contemporary feel, we’ll suggest you lay brick tiles vertically while stacking in straight lines. Everything will be perfect!

So what now? Well, it’s about time to make a choice! These are five of the many tile style trends to look out for when you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen tile design. We hope they come in handy when it’s time to take the plunge. Here’s to your dream room!