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Polaris Home Design Showroom is an amazing 10,000 square feet of exciting products for remodeling your kitchen and bath. Before you redo the shower in your bathroom, come and see us. We have products from the leading manufacturers to ensure you quality products with durable finishes.

Our many products for the bathroom include shower systems which come in multiple configurations and assorted spray patterns. These systems include single head sprays, a rain showers design, dual showers, body sprays and much more. So come in today and let our professional bath experts help you design the shower of your dreams.

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Get it done right with our pro installers. Our experienced staff provides fast installations while maintaining quality and a clean job site.

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Our team of professionals can help you with guidance for your DIY project, or provide specifications and details to your contractor.

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Remodeling can be scary when you don’t know how it will turn out. We can provide you with a 3D model of your project prior to ordering.

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Come to our showroom with a rough sketch of your renovation idea and we will get you a free estimate for your project.


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Choose from a number of different shower systems that can provide you with the relaxing & peaceful feeling!

There isn’t anything more refreshing or relaxing than taking a shower after a long day, or taking an early morning shower to wake you up. A shower can warm you up when you’re chilly or sooth aches and pains after a hard workout at the gym. So, you want your shower to do its job and do its job well. However, before deciding to remodel your shower to give you that great shower, you’ll need to think about a few things. You’ll want to think about what type of spray style that you like, the size of your bathroom and what kind of shower fixtures you’re drawn to because there are different styles for different needs. So if the rainforest intrigues you, there’s a showerhead for this. If you like an allover body spray, we have that too. Come in and talk to us today.

Wall Mounted Shower Systems

A standard wall mount showerhead can range from something simple such as a single spray to something more elaborate. Also, you can purchase something with adjustable angles or even multiple spray modes. Some of these shower systems have a mist setting, a massage setting or other fun shower effects too. Most of these fixtures additionally include technology that counteracts the buildup of hard water minerals in the shower systems, tarnishing and corrosion. When you come in then you’ll find that we have quality wall mounted shower systems.

Ceiling Mounted Shower Systems

A ceiling mount is installed directly overhead in a shower. This provides a large perimeter for water which covers you in a rain shower effect. This lovely rain shower showerhead literally, as the name says, rains water on you as opposed to the way water sprays on you from standard showers. These celling showerheads come in a variety of styles in both chrome and durable plastic also. The finishes for bathroom hardware come in polished chrome, brass, brushed nickel, chrome plate, golden and bronze.

Deck Mounted Shower Systems

A deck mounted shower system is installed on the tub rim through pre-drilled holes. The pipes are then concealed by a surround, but the handles and spouts are exposed. These systems may have one, two or three handles depending upon your preference. The water diverter comes as a handle instead of being located on the tub spout. This makes it easy to turn off and on, as well as making it easy to locate while in the shower. Deck mounted shower systems also come in a variety of styles and finishes.

Modern Shower Systems

A modern shower system is a system which has in-wall components that provides you also with a choice of shower options. These choices include the types of showerheads from ones that spray the body to hand held showerheads, both being in the shower attached separately. The shower controls are usually on the wall at the same level as your chest. Plus, you have a choice on the control types to turn the water on and off. There are many design and style choices too.

Traditional Shower Systems

A traditional shower system is when you bathe under a spray of warm to hot water. When you’re indoors, there’s a drain in the floor to allow the water to flow down the pipes. Most traditional showers have a spray pressure control, temperature control and an adjustable showerhead with settings. A simple shower has a swivel nozzle that sprays water on you. A shower can be installed as a small shower stall also. It can additionally be installed in a bathtub with a traditional shower curtain or door that closes so that water doesn’t splash on the floor.

Shower Panels

A shower panel system has various showerheads or spigots to deliver more water pressure where you want it and less water where you don’t. These shower panels can be bought pre-configured as a unit or you can design your own. If you want to design your own, you would talk to our bath specialists and specify how many spigots you would want as well as where the placement of the spigots would be. Some suggested placements in the same shower would be overhead, at knee high level and at chest level. You would also have to decide the output water volume and the spray options.
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