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The thoughts of having a bathroom or kitchen remodel can make most homeowners stressed out. However, it’s possible to tackle each step with a good project management plan in place. Use these simple tips to get started.

Hire the Pros
Most homeowners can tackle small projects but a major renovation is going to take time and expertise. Do you really want to make errors in measurements that could be at your own expense, or do you want to hire renovation professionals who will provide a guarantee on their craftsmanship?

When you hire Polaris Home Design, we can take almost all of the stress of doing a home renovation away from your hands. You simply order what you want, and we’ll see that the installation is done in a smooth and timely manner.

Spend a Few Extra Dollars on Details
A new design is all in the details. If your kitchen can support a second sink, have one installed. Get decorative panels installed at the ends of your cabinets to create more of a built-in look. Buy full-extension soft-close drawer pulls. There are also many other elements that are worth the additional expense.

You can also customize your cabinets to your liking, which can provide extra storage or display space. This may minimize any renovations in the years ahead, even if you think you’re not certain you have enough dishes to fill up the space yet.

What Should I Avoid?
You can save money by avoiding any design trends. These will be costs that you pay for now, but that might date your home in a few years’ time. These may be glazed, distressed, or crackled finishes, and they could be costly to sand down and remove.

You’ll also have to decide if you need a line to a cappuccino maker if you rarely drink it, or cabinet space for a wine fridge when you don’t drink a lot of it.

Generally, be wary of designers who love their ideas, but that won’t fit with your lifestyle.

Saving on Costs
If you keep to a similar layout as before, you’ll be able to keep your costs down. This means installing sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets in the same locations. Moving walls, plumbing, or electrical connections can increase costs significantly.

How to Allocate Project Costs
If you need a general guide on what percentage to allocate to each of your project costs, it can be fairly simple. Often your main costs are going to be with cabinets and hardware at around 29%, then, the overall design and installation at around 22%. New floor installations, paint, window coverings, and doors can be next in cost. Appliances are going to be a lesser cost, with electrical and plumbing minimal, assuming that you’re not moving anything around.

If you need further assistance with your kitchen or bathroom renovation, Polaris Home Design would be happy to take your project from design concept to completion. When you have a brand new bathroom and kitchen you’ll be relieved that you choose to hire us!