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Many people put little thought into a new vanity, but a new bathroom vanity and sink can transform your bathroom from dull, into a tranquil, calming place where you can have a nice long bath, or quickly get ready in the morning. It’s important to choose the right vanity from the beginning, so that it’s functional, including having enough storage for everything you need. Here are some tips on helping you to choose your new bathroom vanity.

Placement and Plumbing
If your bathroom is undergoing a renovation, now is the time to consider a new placement in the bathroom. Are you going to be opting for two sinks, or a long countertop? You may need more wall space. Vanities should never encroach on window space, bathtubs and toilet, and the door must freely open and close.

It’s also important to consider budget, as moving pipes may add additional expense to your renovation, as pipes and drains will have to be rerouted in your home. Likewise, if your vanity is going to be further away from your toilet or your bathtub, or not on the same wall. If you want a larger vanity, ensure that there is room for it first.

Choice of Materials
Bathroom vanities are made from materials that will resist humidity, moisture, dampness, and usage. Wood veneers, laminates, and thermofoils are going to be your best choices, particularly if your bathroom undergoes a lot of high traffic.

If you’re single, or have a spare bathroom, you can use wood, but be aware that it will need to be properly sealed and lacquered. You may need to check it once a year, and re-lacquer, to ensure that it stays durable. Water can wear away at lacquer over time.

There is also pressed MDF, which should be your last choice, as this is a cheap material that is susceptible to water over time.

You should choose a durable vanity top as well. There are many choices of quartz countertops, granite, and tile. There is also marble and quartzite to choose from.

Remember that tiled grout can be more difficult to care for, so you may wish to opt for that stone vanity top instead, which will lend elegance to your bathroom. Stone comes in a wider range of colors than expected, so you can coordinate to any bathroom color scheme.

There never seems to be enough storage in the bathroom. A bathroom vanity should have several drawers and cupboards where you can store your toiletries, cleaning supplies, tissue, and extra towels. Some vanities may also have a towel rack on the side.

Even if you think you have too much storage in your new bathroom vanity, you’ll soon discover that it quickly fills up. Many people may also desire a vanity that looks a lot like a dressing table, as you can tuck a stool underneath, which will give you a chance to sit and relax as you wash, shave, or do your makeup in the morning.

Once your bathroom renovation is complete, you’ll love using your new and highly functional bathroom vanity and sink.