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A major part of any kitchen renovation is deciding on the best kitchen cabinets to suit the space. Once you have determined on the materials, you need to choose size, lighting, and crown molding. Cabinet knobs and handles are also important. There are literally hundreds of choices, so you’ll have to figure out a way to narrow down your options.

Consider Period.
Consider what period of time your kitchen represents. It could be modern, retro, vintage, arts and crafts, art nouveau, colonial, or Victoria. You’re not going to want to confuse the eye by mixing the wrong styles together.

Consider Color or Metal.
Metal knobs come in silver, gold, red, and bronze colors. Glass knobs come in almost every color of the rainbow. There are some handles that may also be black or white, with a combination of materials. The color you choose should coordinate with your cabinet colors, and the overall look of your retro or modern kitchen. Remember, don’t ever clash your colors.

Consider Resale Value.
If you plan on staying in your home for a long time, you can do what you want. But if you’re renovating your home to sell it, you should consider resale value. You don’t want to cheapen out on kitchen cabinet handles and knobs because you’re leaving. Taking care with the look can earn you a higher resale price.

Some of the top choices today are satin nickel, chrome, and bronze. If you can create a unique look, it will create excitement in the mind of a potential buyer, and that may just close the deal.

Popular Styles
There are some popular design trends with cabinet knobs, pulls, and handles today. One type is a long slender streamlined look. These match the look of your refrigerator handle. They can also be more expensive. Bar pulls are also similar, and suitable for when a kitchen has longer drawers or cupboards that may need some extra pulling power.

Simple knobs are also common, featuring a global or square shape. These are often made from glass or metal and are quite affordable. They may also be available in novelty designs.

There are also cup pulls, also known as bin pulls, which resemble an upside down cup. These types are better for Shaker-style kitchens than modern kitchens.

Window sash pull-types are also suitable for colonial or arts and crafts style kitchens. Back plates are similar, but have a back piece that fits to the door.

There are also drop handles and dangling ring pulls that are reminiscent of drawer pulls on dressers. They can make cabinets look more like furniture.

Many people also choose to match their kitchen cabinet knobs or handles to the ones in the bathroom, but that’s up to you. The one good thing about knobs and handles is that they can also be easily removed and installed, should you wish to change the look of your kitchen a decade from now.