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Polaris Home Design is welcoming a new collection of cutting-edge toilets from leading manufacturers to their range, in order to provide their customers with even more choice when designing their bathrooms.

Included in the range are one-piece toilets, which integrate both the tank and bowl in one sleek, stylish unit. Not only do one-piece toilets look fresh, modern and compact, but since they don’t have a seam they’re also far easier to keep clean than traditional two-part toilets.

For those who are looking for something a little more unique, Polaris Home Design also offer a variety high-end toilet designs, including wall-mounted toilets. These types of toilets are raised up from the floor for a sleek, contemporary look, and are just perfect for those who want to create a dramatic style statement in their bathroom.

A spokesperson from Polaris Home Design commented: “Bathrooms are often seen as wholly practical spaces, but our customers are looking for far more than utility when designing their bathrooms – they want to create a beautiful space just as they do in the rest of their homes. Style is just as important as function, and this new arrival of toilets will give them more choice when it comes to expressing their unique tastes.”

That doesn’t mean to say that the new range of toilets isn’t without valuable practical benefits. Dual-flush technology is available on many of the new toilets, which will appeal to homeowners who are mindful of their water consumption. Units with this feature have a split plunger-style flush mechanism positioned on the top of the tank, rather than a traditional lever at the side of the tank.

0.08 gallons of water are released when one of the flush buttons is pressed, while 1.6 gallons are released when both buttons are pressed. This allows homeowners to minimize water use where possible, and over the lifetime of the toilet it can save them a significant amount of money. Plus, reserving water is beneficial to the environment, making the dual-flush technology of great interest to the environmentally-conscious.