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Polaris Home Design today announced the arrival of a new line of acrylic freestanding bathtubs from Finesse. The new tubs range in size from 59 to 67 inches wide and have been constructed for high durability and scratch resistance. An eco-friendly surface layer of pure white make the tubs a beauty to behold and safer than many comparable tubs.

The release of the line makes Polaris Home Design one of the first retailers to carry the products of Finesse, a newly launched home product manufacturer based in Los Angeles. The arrival of these new soaking bathtubs comes in response to a swift rise in the popularity of freestanding bathtubs among homeowners and interior design specialists over the past few years.

Finesse’s bathtub line encompasses a variety of modern bathtub designs and shapes, from the soft oval-shaped Accent to the hard angles and straight lines of the Verona. The all-white acrylic has been built to maintain its luster in the face of regular use and resist the majority of scruffs and scrapes.

“We’re excited to be one of the first retailers offering Finesse products,” said a company spokesperson for Polaris Home Design. “People are starting to pay more attention to freestanding tubs again, and the modern aesthetic of Finesse products really stands out to our customers. It’s a great time to be in the market for a new tub in North Hollywood.”

Polaris will have all Finesse bathtubs on display on the showroom floor for customers to experience for the foreseeable future, where they’ll be able to explore the various shapes and sizes and get a hands-on feel for the new line.