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Southern California residents looking for an entirely new way to refinish their bathrooms now have something else to look forward to. Polaris Home Design has an expanded selection of acrylic bathtubs, freestanding bathtubs, and soaking tubs for new customers and long-time fans alike to enjoy. It represents a scale-up for the leading kitchen and bathroom vanity store, as well as an embrace of the latest styles and material developments.

The selection of tubs range in size from 50 to 70 inches in freestanding, alcove, and drop-in construction types, which can accommodate bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. All of the options boast a highly durable double layer of acrylic, which is scratch proof as well as attractive. Being an eco-friendly option is just one more benefit that should not be ignored. More information on the individual products is available at Polarishomedesign.com, or by talking to a customer service agent.

A Polaris company spokesperson offered their enthusiasm for the new shipment, commenting, “At Polaris Home Design, we have been paying careful attention to the wants and needs of our loyal customers for years. After adding up all the feedback, we are proud to announce our brand new, expanded selection of bathtub products which we are sure will satisfy anyone and everyone’s needs.”

The major benefit of freestanding bathtubs, the spokesperson mentioned, is that they offer the same immaculate detail and finish on all sides, allowing them to be placed anywhere in the bathroom. The other two options are designed for a more modern appeal, with alcove tubs laying recessed, with just one exposed side. Drop-in tubs, on the other hand, are great at blending into existing design choices by fitting snugly into a framed enclosure which can match preexisting tile or cabinets.

With the addition of these new tub sizes and styles, Polaris Home Design’s inventory has grown to include all of the options homeowners will need to complete their bathroom remolding projects efficiently, inexpensively, and in top style.