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When you think of lighted mirrors, you may recall the old movie star mirrors of the 50s with the gigantic bulbs. Today, you can also have elegant, lighted mirrors, but ones that are much easier to maintain, as well as being energy-efficient.

You don’t want to have to worry about regularly changing lightbulbs or having to pay a big electric bill when you install energy-saving LED mirror lights in the bathroom.

Modern LED Mirrors for the Bathroom
If you haven’t taken a look at the current LED lighted mirrors for the bathroom, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how elegant they look. The mirrors are in a variety of shapes, from square, rectangular, circular to oval.

The difference in LED mirrors is that there is a narrow strip of LED lights that both looks like an elegant frame, and illuminates the mirror so you can see yourself better.

These types of lighted mirrors help you to apply your cosmetics, shave, and do your hair much easier in the morning. They can also replace your regular bathroom lighting fixture.

LED Mirror Options
You can choose to purchase an LED mirror where the lights frame the entire mirror, but there are also other options. For the rectangular or square mirror types, you can choose to just have the lights displayed at a vertical angle.

Some mirrors offer three rows of lights, with two on either side and one in the middle. You can also choose an uninterrupted row of lights, or a smaller dotted pattern.

If you don’t want your lights too bright, you can also purchase a mirror that is backlit so the lights aren’t shining directly in your eyes.

Benefits of Purchasing LED Mirrors
The small lightbulbs located within the LED lights of a mirror last for a lifetime. They don’t burn out like your traditional incandescent or CFL lightbulbs.

LED lights are also energy efficient. This means they require much less power to run. This means you’ll save on your electrical bills. The LED bulbs require less wattage, yet are still as bright as regular bulbs that are twice the wattage. They also burn cooler, making your bathroom more comfortable.

If LED lighted mirrors have the Energy Star rating, it means that they use up to 75% less energy than regular lights. Not only do you save money, but the impact on the environment has been decreased.

Just like with other types of products, you should shop for quality name-brand LED mirrors for your bathroom, like Finesse LED mirrors. It can be tempting to buy a no-name brand for a fraction of the price, but this is not worth it in the long run.

LED mirrors should conform to all electrical and regulatory laws in the USA before being sold. If you’re not certain, these will be listed on the box or product description, and your LED mirror lamps will have tags and stickers on them.

LED mirrors provide a modern way to upgrade your bathroom without having to spend a fortune.