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When choosing to install home flooring, you have four main choices: carpet, tile, laminate, and wood. Many homeowners are steering clear of carpet, due to being too difficult to care for, and tiled flooring can be expensive. This leaves the choices to hardwood, also expensive, or laminate, which can be the best choice. Laminate can be installed in every room of your home, and it comes in a wide range of styles, colors, and textures.

Hundreds of Choices in Laminate
There are types of laminate that resemble hardwood flooring, but they’re more durable and scratch-resistant. This means that you won’t have to buff and varnish the wood like you need to do for hardwood floors. Laminate can also come in different shapes and thicknesses. Many homeowners choose laminates that look like they’re artificial too. There are some premium-quality laminates that nature just can’t duplicate.

Choose Thickness
Besides choosing the board’s length and width, you’ll also need to choose the correct depth. If you already have baseboards in your home that are thick and can’t easily be removed, you’ll want to measure to ensure that you can slide the boards easily underneath. Also, keep in mind if you have baseboard or electric heaters and a fireplace hearth that you want your laminate boards to fit naturally around these spaces.

Water-Resistant and Moisture-Proof Laminates
Laminates can be installed in every room of your home. It’s recommended that you use special water-resistant or moisture-proof laminate floors for the kitchen and bathroom. This is so the edges don’t become warped or chip from the effects of extra moisture that can be found in these rooms. They also are a lot simpler to clean than your average kitchen tiled floor that needs to have its grout cleaned on a regular basis. WPC Laminate is also a new product on the market also known as Vinyl Plank Flooring. This material is composed of wood plastic composites and is completely water proof. A great choice for apartment owners or rental homes.

Laminates Are Easy to Install
Your laminate flooring can be installed as floating, if you wish for it to easily be repaired or replaced in the future. You also have the option of installing it more permanently with glue, which is perfect for keeping the floorboards from creeping apart or gapping. But laminate flooring is also simpler to repair than hardwood flooring is too.

Choose Textured Laminate Surfaces
Laminate floors may also be smooth or textured. They can have a texture a lot like wood, fooling almost everyone into thinking your floor is really composed of hardwood. Some textures are designed with special patterns, so they bear no resemblance to anything in nature, and are intended to look like a unique flooring for the kitchen.

Laminate flooring was designed to make installation simpler for homeowners, but you can still hire your flooring supplier to install it for you too. But no matter what your choice, you’ll discover that it installs quickly and easily in less than a day per room. It’s amazing how quickly a room can be transformed by just changing to a laminate flooring style.