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Many people who own condominiums may despair that they can ever have a nice-looking kitchen in such a small space. Over the years it’s accepted that new appliances will fit in with old-style cupboards and formica countertops. But it’s still possible to have a beautiful kitchen, even if you have a small space.

Best Color Options
A small space can appear larger if you utilize only one or two colors. Stainless steel appliances can fit among shiny white cupboards, a white quartz countertop, and white tiled flooring. The eye will be drawn through to a small dining space at the end, which can have modern furniture in the same color. A lighter color will make your kitchen appear professionally designed.

If you decide to go with bright or pastel colors, place your brighter colors on top and neutral colors below. This will draw the eye upwards to the walls and cupboards, and away from your floor space.

Add More Shelving
Almost any type of kitchen can have additional shelving installed. If you’re tearing out old kitchen cabinets, consider adding shelving that has space along the top for vases, cookie jars, or other decorative objects.

Modern kitchen shelves may also have glass doors, which can be beneficial if you have a large crystal or china collection. The items can both be stored and displayed at the same time.

Drawer and Cupboard Handles
Drawer and cupboard pulls and handles need not look like something from the last century. There are hundreds of choices in materials, types, and colors, which will all immediately update the look of your kitchen. They can also make brand new cupboards and drawers look unique to your home.

Pendant Lighting
Many kitchens are so small that they have minimal ceiling space for lighting. Track lighting or fluorescent lighting may simply not be an option. Consider pendant lighting, which can hang down over your workspace. You can even have two or three pendant lights installed together.

Best Sinks for Small Spaces
Many kitchens don’t have the space to fit a double stainless steel sink. But it’s still possible to buy a larger white ceramic sink which will make kitchen cleanup a much easier chore. These types of sinks are becoming popular again as they not only freshen the space, but can easily be installed with your choice of faucet and sink sprayer.

Kitchen Island
If you have little kitchen space for dining, a kitchen island or kitchen bar may be the solution. A sink or stove can be installed on the top, with space underneath for storage. Either side can hold shelving, while the front can have space for seating, such as bar stools. The countertop space may also hold vases or other decorative objects that won’t fit anywhere else in the kitchen.

With a bit of planning you can transform your dull residential kitchen into a classy space that will encourage you to spend more time preparing delicious meals. If you need further assistance, we invite you to contact Polaris Home Design for more information.