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Sometimes you can easily see that a sink or faucet needs to be replaced, but the decision is often more complicated. This guide will help you determine if you should repair it, buy a new fixture or leave it untouched.


Does your faucet leak at the base, allowing water to reach the countertop or floor? If so, it probably needs replacement. You might be able to perform repairs, but many people find it difficult to acquire the right parts.

If the faucet leaks into the basin, it doesn’t need to be replaced as urgently. Nonetheless, tiny drips can add up to high sewer and water bills. When this fixture drips every 15 seconds, it will waste around 138 gallons each year.

You can also replace a faucet because it has an undesirable appearance. This will allow you to enjoy your home more and help increase its resale value. Think about replacing any unit that becomes outdated, damaged or rusty.

Don’t put up with faucets that are difficult to operate. If it’s hard to turn the knobs and they produce loud screeching noises as you adjust them, consider buying a replacement in the near future.

When you need to replace sinks, it makes sense to install new faucets at the same time. Old units may be incompatible with modern sinks. Additionally, it’s more efficient and less labor-intensive to install both items at the same time.


Think about replacing a basin when it becomes unattractive for any reason. Heavily cracked or chipped sinks look unappealing. The same goes for basins that remain rusty or discolored even after a thorough cleaning.

If you’re unable to seal a leak that lets the water reach the floor or the interior of a bathroom vanity, you may need to buy a new basin. However, it’s important to accurately identify the leak’s source. Water could be coming from a faucet, pipe, hose or lose connection.

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