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Now that you’ve decided that you won’t spend another day with ugly kitchen cupboards and flooring, how do you get started? You’ll need to decide on every component of a kitchen, right down to flooring, cabinet knobs, and appliances.

Often many homeowners must create a strict budget, as they can’t afford to do all the renovations all at once. But don’t worry, you don’t have to gut your kitchen and do without for a month, you can progressively create your new kitchen design throughout spring, and have a brand new kitchen just in time for summer.

Kitchen Renos Take Time
If you talk with a disreputable kitchen renovations company, they’ll tell you what you want to hear: they can get your new kitchen done in only a weekend. Now it’s time to back off quickly. A professional kitchen renovation will take time, and that’s why Polaris Home Design is happy to hear that you’re willing to invest time in your new home renovation project.

Our team consists of a variety of professionals: countertop installers, electricians, cabinet makers, and tile setters. We have professionally licensed and certified tradesmen/women on our team.

What Order First?
What is the most important aspect of a kitchen reno? If you have your heart set on brand new kitchen cabinets, begin with a drafted floor plan. This floor plan needs to include space for all kitchen appliances, including dishwasher, fan hood, and sink. Window space, electrical outlets, and drainage pipes need to be considered. This is basically going to be a kitchen gut, and then a rebuild.

Kitchen countertops and a new sink will also be part of this step. You may feel a bit helpless at this stage, as new cabinet and countertop installation requires a special expertise.

After the Cupboards
Whether you’re having brand new cupboards installed, or have decided to refinish and install new knobs, handles, or pulls, the next step is to get your kitchen flooring done. Often many homeowners choose to also have a tile backsplash installed, or tile countertops. A tile setter can do both during this project, which could save you a bit of cash from doing the projects separately.

Final Steps
Once your cabinets and countertops are in, and you have your new flooring, you’re almost done. This is the time to do painting on any exposed kitchen walls. This is often the least expense, yet you’ll want to tackle this step last to avoid having to patch up any scratches or marks from the other installs.

Finally, it will be time to bring in your new small and large appliances. All you’ll have to do after this point is give everything a good dusting, and start placing your dishes and utensils back into the cupboards, and stock up the fridge.

Be sure to work with your kitchen cabinet and renovation experts. At Polaris Home Design we can assist you through the entire process, whether you’re only wanting a new countertop, or you want your entire kitchen remodeled.