Having a modern kitchen isn’t just about how many smart appliances you can afford, it’s about creating a space where you want to cook and eat fun healthy things with your friends and family. Polaris Home Design has all kinds of flooring, countertops, tiles and faucets. These are the three things that will most improve the inspiring powers of your kitchen.

The home base of kitchens, this is where the magic happens, from prep work to plating. You want to choose a countertop that is both functional and fashionable, and strong materials like quartz, marble, or granite offer fun natural patterns while being resistant to most stains. . Polaris Home Design offers services for everything from countertop fabrication to installation along with free delivery when opting for kitchen remodeling.

Kitchen Sink
Your faucet is an often overlooked part of a kitchen, but it’s necessary for so many things. You want to set up your kitchen sink in a way where cleaning up is streamlined and effortless. A double sink gives you a way to separate soaking dirty dishes from the dishes you’re actively washing. A tall faucet allows room to fill pots and kettles and can usually be installed to pivot to either sink if you do choose the two sink option.

Your kitchen can be sleek and modern but if you don’t keep it filled with new and interesting foods then you’re only going to be inspired to think of food instead of cooking it. Buying fun produce that you’ve never cooked with before can be a fun and tasty way to break in your new kitchen and storing everything in your new kitchen cabinets. As great as your refrigerator’s crisper drawers are, it’s easy to forget what you have and let veggies go forgotten and uneaten. I recommend while you’re planning what to cook, pulling everything out of the crisper and laying it out on your new countertop. That way you can experiment and use ingredients you may not have realized you had.

The most important part of a modern kitchen is collaboration, and we want our kitchen to look planned and put together. Polaris Home Design Can help you plan out the perfect kitchen remodel for you.