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A kitchen remodeling project can take upwards of a month to complete. While it’s difficult living without a kitchen, many homeowners choose to remodel the key components of a kitchen first: new cabinets, kitchen counter, and new flooring, then figure out the lighting and paint after. New appliances can come last. If you stagger out your kitchen project, it may be easier to manage around your busy family meals.

Choose Caesarestone Quartz
Many homeowners choose to tear out their old kitchen countertops. If your old countertop is chipped, scratched, or coming apart at the seams, particularly around high-moisture zones such as sink or dishwasher, it may be time for an upgrade.

Caesarestone quartz is a popular and valued type of countertop around the world. The company was founded in Israel, with a manufacturing facility now in the USA. Caesarestone quartz is considered a component of a well-designed luxury-style kitchen. There are five different product lines to choose from, ranging from natural and traditionally finished, to countertops that look 100% high-tech and that light up with LED lighting.

Install New Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen cabinets can be purchased in a wide range of styles. It’s best to decide what design style your kitchen will be. Do you want it from an era from last century? The 60s have made a comeback with bright bold red and aquamarine colors. You may also wish to go with a rustic or country look, or have an entirely modern and high-tech kitchen style.

Whatever style you choose, ensure that your kitchen cabinets, quartz countertop, and kitchen flooring all coordinate together.

Choose Your Hardwood Flooring
In the past, hardwood and laminate flooring didn’t work well in the kitchen, as they were prone to damage from moisture and high-traffic demands. Today, there are engineered hardwood floors that can withstand moisture, and are extremely durable and long-lasting. You’ll definitely want to check out this type of flooring to upgrade your kitchen.

These types of floors come in nearly every natural wood color, and in varying board lengths and thicknesses Some even have a texture, which makes them safer for busy kitchen traffic where spills may be common.

It can be tempting to have exactly the same kitchen cabinets as your hardwood flooring, but that can give the effect of a closed and small kitchen. It’s perfectly all right to have differing colors of wood within your kitchen. You may wish to choose lighter colors, as the higher your eye travels up the walls, the more of an illusion of space in your kitchen.

Finally, hire a good contractor who will organize and plan your kitchen remodeling in a timely but affordable way. It can be tempting to cut corners and do it yourself, but if you get stuck, it’s likely going to cost double to have an expert fix what you broke. But once your kitchen remodel is ready to show the world, you’ll enjoy preparing meals and hanging out with your family for the years ahead.