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Just when you thought you’d made all the choices for your new kitchen, from new cabinets, flooring, to a marble countertop, you must also decide on what type of kitchen countertop edging to choose too. It can be difficult trying to make all these choices so that you end up with an amazing kitchen space where you’ll want to spend plenty of time preparing your meals and sitting at the island.

Basic Square or Standard Thickness Edging
This is the most common countertop edge choice. Many homeowners consider that less is more. This is a clean look for a simple or small kitchen. Your countertop edge is generally around 3 cm square and will blend in with your top countertop materials.

Square or Mitered Countertop Edge
If you’ve chosen to install a thicker than normal countertop in your kitchen, it will often have a mitered edge on it. The thickness will generally be around 2 or 3 cm, and it will have a mitered frame around the sides. This has the benefit of making your countertop slab appear thicker than it really is. Many people will choose this option if they wish their countertops to be the main focal point of their kitchen. This type of edging also works well, whether you have a modern or a traditional-looking kitchen.

Eased and Mitered Edges
There is a slight difference in this type of edging. It is mitered and has rounded corners. This can make the countertop a whole lot different, giving it a softer look, and also providing more comfort if you run your hands along the edge.

Squared Off with a Waterfall Edge
This type of countertop edge is usually created for an island in the center of the kitchen. It’s done on both sides which are generally square in shape, and the countertop has a long wall of marble or stone that runs vertically down the side of the island to the floor. This material always matches the materials on the top of the countertop.

Bullnose Countertop Edge
This edging is similar to the eased and mitered edge, except that it is completely rounded. This is a feature that suits the more classic or traditional type of kitchen.

Ogee Countertop Edge
Ogee edging has a unique look to it that you may not have seem before. It starts out with straight sides, then gently tapers outwards. Often it’s more effective when done on a central island.

Marine Edge
This type of edging works much like a raised frame around the top of your kitchen island. It can keep some small spills from falling down the cabinets, so it does serve a practical purpose too.

It can be bewildering to choose your countertop materials and pattern and colors, then be faced with making countertop edging choices too. Some can be narrowed down to whether you wish to have a modern, classic, or traditional type of kitchen. You may also have personal preferences. Perhaps you like the feel of a rounded, rather than a sharp edge. But no matter which you choose, your brand new kitchen is going to look fabulous!