Your cabinets are one of the defining features of your kitchen, so of course, you will want to keep them in great condition for years to come. Even the most affordable cabinets can last for a long time with effective care strategies. Here are some tips to help you keep your kitchen cabinets looking incredible.

Use cabinet liners

Putting a liner at the base of your shelving is a great way to ensure that both your cabinets and your silverware stay in good condition. There are several different types of cabinet liners available, and the one that you choose will depend on what your biggest concerns are. If you have high-quality silverware, a felt liner is going to keep it in the best condition. Cedar liners are great for keeping bugs out, while cork protects fragile glassware.

Keep your cabinets dry

Moisture is going to break down the wood in your cabinets over time, so you should always do your best to keep your cabinets dry. If you need to use a water-based cleaning product on them, make sure they dry as quickly as possible. Don’t hang damp kitchen towels near your cabinets or put dishes away when they’re still wet. These little bits of moisture can add up over time.

Wax the exteriors

To keep your wood looking smooth and shiny, use a cabinet wax a few times a year. This helps your cabinets maintain their color and helps remove any dirt and debris that have built up on the cabinet. Between cleanings, use gentle dish soap to get rid of debris buildup on the exterior of the cabinet. Keeping the exterior and hardware on your cabinets clean will make a big difference when it comes to preventing damage.

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