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When you walk around your kitchen today, do you find yourself stopping to reflect on its layout and weathered appearance? Many times, we don’t consider the cabinets to be an integral part of our satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a kitchen. However, cabinets can make or break the entire appearance of a kitchen, and take the presentation to the new level if invested in.

If you’re wondering if it’s time for new kitchen cabinets, here are 4 warning signs to look for:

1. New Kitchen Layout
If you’re remodeling your kitchen, expanding walls, renovating kitchen countertops, or having the floor ripped up, you’re definitely going to need to also consider the addition of new cabinets that match the kitchen aesthetic. New cabinets can help you enhance your newly renovated kitchen.

2. Design Change
Almost everyone ends up renovating or re-designing rooms in their home at one point or another. It’s natural to have a change in design taste. If you feel yourself moving towards a different design than the one presently in your kitchen, cabinets are an easy way to get there.

3. Future Sale
If you’re going to sell your home, new cabinets are an incredibly easy way to increase your asking price without investing too much money into the kitchen renovation. Kitchens are the most important part of the home during a real estate tour, and wowing your future buyers will help justify your asking price.

4. Old Cabinet/Layout
Your kitchen cabinets could just be plain old and designed ineffectively. A lot of old homes have cabinets that collide with one another, and just don’t make sense for how we live today. If your cabinets are old and weathered in appearance, don’t be afraid to have some new ones installed.

And the list goes on! If you answered yes to any one of these signs, it may be time for you to consider an entirely new kitchen cabinet layout.