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If you’re tearing out your old bathroom fixtures, your next big decision will be whether to install a built-in bathtub, or a freestanding one. A built-in tub is surrounded on three sides by an enclosure, while a freestanding tub simply sits away from the wall. Freestanding bathtubs have traditionally been more expensive, but their costs are coming down. There are many reasons why you should consider installing a freestanding bathtub in the master bathroom of your home.

Simpler Installation, Better Practicality
A freestanding bathtub only needs to be placed and hooked up to plumbing, while your average built-in needs to fix perfectly between two walls, or have a special enclosure installed around it. The freestanding tub has been completely finished on all sides, and can be installed in any direction, or any spot in your bathroom. Many people will consider a freestanding tub like a piece of furniture, rather than your usual bathroom fixture.

Beautiful and Stylish
A freestanding tub has smooth curves and has been designed to be stylish. This is because it’s completely exposed, unlike the built-in. Often a freestanding bathtub becomes the focus of a bathroom. Your eye is drawn toward its clean and smooth lines, enticing you to hop in for a bath. You’ll also have way more placement choices with a freestanding tub. You can place one anywhere you wish, even in the middle of the room, or even a bedroom. You’re not limited by the corners of the bathroom like you are with a built-in bathtub.

Elegant Faucet Material Choices
With a freestanding tub you also have many choices for elegant and bold bathtub faucets. Often the faucets can be a focal point of this region of the room too. They can be larger and taller, as there is more space for installation than for your traditional built-in bathtub.

Shower and Tub Combos
Many homeowners like having the option of a bathtub and a shower combo in one, without the need for a separate shower enclosure. Fortunately, you can still have a shower and tub combo with the freestanding bathtub. And since these tubs are often larger, there will be plenty of space for a rainfall type of shower or a hand sprayer.

Plumbing installation may cost more for a freestanding tub, but once it’s set in place it’s going to be easier to maintain in the future, as plumbing elements will be easier to access. A freestanding tub can also be higher and hold in a greater water capacity than your usual built-in bathtub. You’ll need to examine the differences between these two types of bathtubs to decide which will work better in your new bathroom renovation. But if you do decide to opt for a freestanding bathtub, you’ll discover that you use your bathtub more frequently to relax and wind down after a long week of work.