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Polaris Home Design Showroom in North Hollywood, CA, is the place to go for your kitchen and bathroom faucets.

Our faucets come in various types and finishes for your every faucet need. The types of faucets we carry are single hole, widespread, vessel and wall mount. We also have a variety of finishes such as chrome, bronze, brushed nickel, black, white, gold, orange, green and various other colors.

Our design specialists can help you choose the best type of bathroom or kitchen faucet and finish for them. So come in and see us; you’ll be happy with both the choices of products and the assistance provided by our showroom specialists.

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Come to our showroom with a rough sketch of your renovation idea and we will get you a free estimate for your project.

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Our team of professionals can help you with guidance for your DIY project, or provide specifications and details to your contractor.


Get it done right with our pro installers. Our experienced staff provides fast installations while maintaining quality and a clean job site.

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Remodeling can be scary when you don’t know how it will turn out. We can provide you with a 3D model of your project prior to ordering.


We carry faucets for bathrooms and kitchens in many style and finish variations for you to select from.

Not all faucets work with every model of sink. So it’s important to make sure that the faucet you choose will work with the sink that you have in your kitchen or bathroom. Also, some faucets come in different combinations of finishes, like a combination of brass and chrome that can give a distinct look to your sink. A finish which is a combination can be a very cost-effective way of making a change in your kitchen or bath to give them both a special look. Just keep in mind when changing your facets, to stay with the same finish. For example, you wouldn’t put a polished finish with a finish which is antique.

Also, each type of faucet has an inner valve. This value controls the amount of water which flows through the spout. Reliability and durability of the faucet depends on the quality of the valve which come either with or without washers. The best choices you can go with are facets with corrosion-resistant, solid brass or brass-based metal workings. With all of this in mind, below are our faucet choices and descriptions.

Kitchen Faucets

Before you make a decision on changing your faucets in your kitchen, consider the ways your sink is used. Do you bath a baby or wash many pots and pans? You may want to consider a high-arc faucet to make doing these tasks easier. Also, there are two types of faucet installations, one is called a wall mount which attaches to the wall and hangs over the actual sink. The other one is called a deck-mount faucet which attaches to a countertop, or it will rest on the sink. Additionally, if you’re replacing a deck-mount faucet, you need to know the number of faucet holes in your sink because this will affect the type of kitchen faucet you can buy.

Bathroom Faucets

When redoing a bathroom even for just a slightly different look, changing your faucets can make a world of difference. Because there are so many different shapes and finishes to meet whatever bathroom needs you have. Plus, with the options for water conservation and interactivity (which is basically a smart faucet), today’s faucets can offer you every convenience. Also, before you decide to purchase new faucets, you need to think about whether you’re buying a new sink or using the existing one. You need to think about where the facet openings are too and what is the size of your bathroom. However, we can help. Talking to our bathroom designer in our showroom will help you to know exactly what you’re looking for in bathroom faucets.

Single Hole Faucets

A single hole faucet can have one handle or two handles. If the sink you have in your home, or one that you’re thinking about buying has extra holes already drilled, an optional plate can be used to cover them. Then you can use a single-hole faucet without a problem. However, there are also kitchen faucets which have two handles, but only require one hole in the countertop. These types of faucets have the handle controls attached to the spout of the faucet. This way, you still have two faucet handles and have elegance because the faucet base is smaller with different models.

Widespread Faucets

This is a faucet that you use when your sink has three holes in the basin. The faucet has three pieces which are attached separately. It has two handles and a spout with a spacing between the two handles which can range from 6 to 16 inches wide. The term widespread actually means that the faucet handles aren’t joined to the spout and need more than just 2 holes in the sink. With the two separate handles, you can control both the hot and the cold water separately for better temperature control.

Vessel Faucets

This type of faucet is for use in a vessel sink. This type of sink sits higher than a regular sink so regular faucets wouldn’t work with it. This faucet for it also usually comes as a single faucet. When having a vessel faucet installed, the height above the sink and the length of the faucet spout have to be considered. There should be enough room for washing hands comfortably. The faucet should be located a few inches above the rim of the sink. In addition, the length of the spout varies based on what the angle flow of the water is and the basin’s shape.

Wallmount Faucets

A wall-mounted faucet is for above-the-counter basin and basins which are free-standing that require using a long spout. This type of faucet won’t work on a basin which has pre-drilled holes. A wall-mounted faucet has to have a separate wall-mounted valve and a drain. The spout has to be long enough so that it clears the sink basin. Also, the sink must be deep enough so that water doesn’t splash on the countertops. With a wall-mounted faucet, cleanup of countertops is much easier. This type of faucet will give a custom look to your kitchen or bathroom.
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