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One of the ways to increase comfort in the home is by installing a drop-in bathtub. If you have extra space in your bathroom and take plenty of baths, you’ll love the elegance and distinction of a drop-in bathtubs.

The drop-in tub is perhaps one of the most common types of bathtubs to be installed. They can work for every size of bathroom, like the small bathtubs that can be inserted much like your standard skirted tub, to much larger bathrooms where they can sit in the middle of the bathroom.

What is a Drop-In Bathtub?
The drop-in tub style is a bit different than your regular alcove bathtub that is only finished on one side and anchored by three bathroom walls. It’s also much different than your freestanding bathtub which has four finished sides.

A drop-in tub is not finished on its four sides. It’s been designed to be “dropped-into” a pre-constructed deck and surround. This is why there is no point in having the sides finished. Once the bathtub has been installed, the self-rimming edge can be seen above the mounting surface.

The frame of the drop-in tub is what supports most of the weight of the tub, but it also serves to cover the sides of the tub so that only the interior and top ledge can be seen. The pipes of the tub are hidden beneath the frame, unlike your freestanding floor model.

Create a Relaxing Spa-Like Atmosphere at Home
There’s no need to spend money at high-end spas when you can have your own tranquil bathroom at home. Your bathtub can be installed on a higher platform with tiled steps to help you walk up and into your tub.

Depending on how much room you have in your bathroom will depend on how large you can build your pre-constructed deck and surround. When you have a large deck, you’ll also have plenty of room for towels, and bathing products.

Soothing Drop-In Bathtub Options
Since the drop-in tub has a naked underbelly that is hidden within a frame, it’s also possible to installed a jacuzzi feature too. The motor will be hidden by the structure and provide an extra level of luxury in your bathroom.

The frame of the tub must be level and installed to the wall studs. The base of the tub must have a mortar base, which provides additional support when water and a person are in it.

Installing a Drop-In Bathtub
There are many aspects to the installation of a drop-in bathtub. It’s important to install the proper plastic sheeting and attach the frame to the studs of the wall. Most of the rough plumbing should be done before the tub is installed.

To ensure that your drop-in tub is installed properly, hire plumbing professionals who understand the full installation process. Doing it right will give you a lifetime of serene bathing in the privacy of your home.