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Polaris Home Design is excited to announce that we have a new range of toilets arriving at our store and showroom. The new range includes toilets produced by some of the best manufacturers in the business, including American Standard, Kohler and Toto.

The new arrivals include toilets available in both a classic white and modern black color, and there are quite a few different styles to choose from. For those who want to prioritize style and ease of use, the one-piece toilets are a great choice, as the seamless integration of tank and bowl means there aren’t any difficult-to-clean crevices. As a more economical choice, two-piece toilets incorporate a design where the bowl and tank are separate, which is a great idea for those on a tighter budget but that still require a stylish, reliable toilet design. For a slightly alternative twist on the more traditional toilet, Polaris Home Design now also sells wall-hung toilets, which eliminate the need for a foot or base. The result of this is a sleek, modern look for your bathroom that is easy to clean beneath and around.

For those individuals wishing to also ensure that they are choosing an eco-friendly toilet design, Polaris has ensured that amongst the new toilets arriving in our store are models with dual flush technology. Put simply, these toilets have two alternative flushing mechanisms, one of which releases 1.6 gallons of water, whilst the other releases just 0.8 gallons. Not only is this better for the environment due to far less water being used over the toilet’s lifetime, but it will also save you and those you live with a lot of money on your water bill.