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If you are remodeling your bathroom, one of the easiest ways to make the space look unique and stylish is to implement a trendy design on your floor tiles, wall tiles, or countertops. If you have a knack for DIY, you can actually install tiles yourself in just a few days, but you can also select your tiles and then have a contractor install them for you. Here are some fun tile design ideas to make your bathroom stand out.

Pretty Pastels

If your bathroom already has some feminine touches, you can accentuate this by using pastel tiles. Pale pink, lavender, green, or yellow tiles can all look beautiful on their own or combined together. You can also use colored tiles as small pops of color as a complement to white tiles. Since colored tiles can be quite bold, you may want to use them only for one surface in the bathroom and then keep the rest of the surfaces neutral.


Another interesting way to play with tiles is to create a color gradient on one surface as a statement piece. This strategy looks particularly good on the shower walls, but you could use it anywhere. Keep all the tiles in one color family and create a gradient from lightest to darkest for a very dramatic effect.

Unique Geometric Designs

If you don’t want to go for bold colors, atypical shapes are another fun way to play with tile. Hexagons and octagons look very chic and stylish, as do triangles. However, you can also combine tiles of various different shapes into one exciting design. For example, you can use hexagons surrounded with triangles radiating outward to mimic the shape of the sun or a flower.


One of the trendiest tile designs right now is to use long, rectangular tiles to create a herringbone pattern. It looks very chic and Scandinavian and adds a sense of calm and relaxation when used on the floor or as a wall accent.

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