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Hastily choosing a shower design can put a black mark on the entire bathroom. Selecting a shower style and size that is appropriate, on the other hand, can make the ambiance of a bathroom complete. There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a shower, but the primary variable is size. The size of the bathroom not only determines the size of the shower, but plays a large role in determining the most appropriate design.

The second variable to consider is the number of other elements in the bathroom. For example, does the bathroom have a bathtub? Does the bathroom vanity have two sinks? The third factor to consider when designing a shower is the amount of use it will get. Daily? Rarely?

The size of the shower should be in proportion to the size of the bathroom and the amount of daily use. While showers can be the most impressive aspect of a bathroom, they are invariably space consuming. By designing a smaller shower, you leave more space in the bathroom. More space means the opportunity to install a larger bathroom vanity, bigger mirrors, a spacious bathtub or a sauna. However, it is a mistake to make a shower small if it is used every day by a large number of people. It is important to feel comfortable and unrestricted while in the shower you use every day.

To increase the perceived size of a small shower, the type of doors and walls can make a difference. By using clear glass, instead of frosted for example, a person can get away with making a smaller shower because a view of the space in the bathroom will make the shower itself feel more spacious. Another possibility that is becoming more popular is installing glass-block half walls in the bathroom, to increase the perceived size of the shower.

One last thing to consider when laying out a bathroom: make the shower the last area in a bathroom you measure out. By determining how large you want your bathroom vanity, toilet, tub or sauna, storage closets, or any other amenity, and then measuring out the area for the shower, you can get a much better idea of whether or not you are being realistic about what you can actually fit into your bathroom. If your shower isn’t going to be big enough, you need to eliminate or downsize something else.