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If your old kitchen or bathroom counter is looking its age, its time to find the best quality quartz countertops. Many homeowners choose to do both bathroom and kitchen installation at the same time, decreasing time and expense. Quartz is one of the best types of countertops, as it’s extremely durable, scratch-proof, and will last for the decades ahead.

While the costs of quartz may be higher than your traditional laminate countertop, consider how you’ll have a quartz stone countertop for the lifetime of your home.

There are many different brands of quartz countertops available in the USA. Here are just a few of the top brands to help you make your choice.

This is a company that initially started in Israel. Today, they have a production facility located in the USA, and sell to distributors around the world. This company specializes in quartz countertops.

They have four different products in their collection, including Classico—which is a classic or traditional type of quartz countertop, Supernatural—natural stone that has added colors, veins, and textures, Motivo—counters with imprinted textures, and Concetto—their most advanced quartz countertop ever, with a translucency that can benefit from backlighting.

Cambria is another company that dominates the quartz countertop market. Cambria is made directly from Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA, with additional manufacturing outlets in Minnesota, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Ontario.

This company focuses on natural stone surfaces to bring elegance to the kitchen. These are quality and built to last. This type of counter is virtually maintenance-free, and is simpler to clean with water and soap. This company offers over 100 different designs in their line.

Silestone calls itself the leader in quartz kitchen and bathroom countertops. These counters are manufactured by a company called Cosentino, which is headquartered in Almeria, Spain. The company has been around for over 70 years.

This company offers high-quality products that are protected by a guarantee. Certain distributors may offer limited 25 year warranties. Silestone manufactures countertops with a combination of natural stone and other raw materials that are both hard and resilient, which are exactly what’s needed in the bathroom and kitchen.

LG Viatara
This company manufactures and installs countertops made from natural quartz stone. They understand that you’re purchasing more than a simple countertop, you’re purchasing something where moments happen in life. These countertops are available in a wide range of colors and styles, and are made in the USA.

Like other quartz countertops, these offer a non-porous and seamless surface that is resistant to bacteria and germs. The LG Viatara countertops also do not require an application of sealants or waxes to be maintained.

When you’re decided that you can’t stand your old kitchen or bathroom countertops any longer, it’s time to find the best high-quality manufacturer of quartz countertops. When you choose a countertop from the Caesarstone, Cambria, Silestone, or LG Viatara brands, you can be confident that you’re buying quality countertops that will last for the lifetime of your house, town home, or condo.