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Many people have difficulties in choosing new kitchen cabinets. Often this will be part of a new kitchen renovation. You can literally start with a clean slate, and choose finish, materials, size, and new lighting.

The cabinet industry has changed over the years. Here are some considerations to keep in mind while you’re making your new choices.

Color and Finish
Kitchen cabinet materials, finishes, and colors are limitless. Most people don’t want that plain white rental-style of kitchen cabinets. Now is your chance to opt for a lovely wood veneer, such as maple, alder, oak, cherry, or other natural hardwoods. Natural woods come with their own textures and patterns that can be brought out with lacquer. Keep in mind that some woods, such as maple, will have designs and patterns that darken over time.

Many people choose to have colored kitchen cupboards that will coordinate or contrast with their wall and floor colors. These type of cabinets are made from thermofoil or other manmade materials.

Space for Task Lighting
Your new kitchen renovation should invite you to spend more time in the kitchen, cooking healthier meals. When you’re considering your new cabinet design, you should consider if there is space to install task lighting, so your countertop and work surfaces will be bright and easy to see.

This is accomplished through lighting that is installed on the undersides of cabinets. LED lighting is often the most popular choice, as the lights remain cool and they have long-lasting bulbs.

Types of Doors
You don’t have to settle for the same materials in your doors as in the sides, backs, or shelves of your cabinets. Some cabinets can have the doors left off, which is a perfect way to display china or a collection of dishes. You may also opt for glass door inserts which is also a great way to display your dishes, and it makes it simpler to find what you need.

Functional Shelving
Your kitchen cabinets can go beyond simply being space to store items. They can feature functional roll-out shelving that will help you to organize your items, and be simple to grab at a moment’s notice. This type of roll-out shelving may also contain space where you can hang up items, or have many compartments to organize smaller utensils or spice jars.

Crown Molding
Crown molding is a type of molding that is installed just above the tops of the cabinets. It may or may not go all the way to the ceiling. Some homeowners like to leave space at the tops of cabinets for storage, and to display a collection of kitchen wares. Crown molding is usually in the same color and materials as the cabinets.

All it takes to do a kitchen renovation is to install brand new kitchen cabinets, since they take up so much space. Kitchen cabinets are the framework for the rest of the kitchen—the region where the sink and all of the appliances are to go. Choose wisely, as your brand new kitchen is going to last a lifetime.