Stepping beyond the usual bathroom and kitchen materials, Polaris Home Design takes advantage of the need for durable and attractive countertops with their new selection of quartz prefabs. These new arrivals bolster an already impressive selection of home options, to offer a complete

When choosing to install home flooring, you have four main choices: carpet, tile, laminate, and wood. Many homeowners are steering clear of carpet, due to being too difficult to care for, and tiled flooring can be expensive. This leaves the choices to hardwood, also expensive,

If you’re tearing out your old bathroom fixtures, your next big decision will be whether to install a built-in bathtub, or a freestanding one. A built-in tub is surrounded on three sides by an enclosure, while a freestanding tub simply sits away from the wall.

Just when you thought you’d made all the choices for your new kitchen, from new cabinets, flooring, to a marble countertop, you must also decide on what type of kitchen countertop edging to choose too. It can be difficult trying to make all these choices

Polaris Home Design, the North Hollywood bathroom and kitchen specialists, has announced that it has added to its burgeoning product offering with an exciting new range of kitchen and bathroom tiles. The new tile selection, which features wall tiles and floor tiles for the kitchen

When you walk around your kitchen today, do you find yourself stopping to reflect on its layout and weathered appearance? Many times, we don’t consider the cabinets to be an integral part of our satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a kitchen. However, cabinets can make or

Polaris Home Design, a leading specialist in residential and commercial construction for over a decade, today announced that it will be introducing a new kitchen countertop range. The new range, which sees the arrival of countertops for both domestic and commercial use, is available in

Southern California residents looking for an entirely new way to refinish their bathrooms now have something else to look forward to. Polaris Home Design has an expanded selection of acrylic bathtubs, freestanding bathtubs, and soaking tubs for new customers and long-time fans alike to enjoy.

Designing your dream home can be exciting but it can also be a little overwhelming if you aren’t familiar with your options. One of the first items of a home you will want to familiarize yourself with before designing, drafting or remodeling is the bathtub.

Now that you’ve decided that you won’t spend another day with ugly kitchen cupboards and flooring, how do you get started? You’ll need to decide on every component of a kitchen, right down to flooring, cabinet knobs, and appliances. Often many homeowners must create a

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