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Do you have a second bathroom in the home that is unused because you simply haven’t had the time or the inspiration to do an upgrade? It can be frustrating for overnight guests having to trek upstairs to use the main bathroom. Even if you have a small bathroom you can still revitalize and design it with maximum storage in mind. So here are a few small bathroom ideas that can help you out.

Cabinets with Built-in Storage
Many sinks can be installed over a built-in bathroom cabinet that maximizes space. Some cabinets have pull-out drawers where you can store bathroom linens. The countertop space can extend as far as you need, with places to put toiletries, soap, and extra towels.

Bathroom Mirrors
It’s not necessary to buy a gigantic showroom mirror. You can buy a small mirror and place a frame around it in a coordinating color to match your design.

Bathroom Sinks
There are small bathroom sinks you can buy so you can still have a decent amount of surrounding space for guests to place their cosmetics and toiletries. Some sinks are in an oval shape, taking up more space width-wise, which can be helpful if your bathroom is extra tiny.

Washstand with Towel Bars
If you’ve stayed at a few hotels over the past years you’ve likely seen the washbasins which have towel bars directly underneath. This is the perfect solution for when you have no space on the walls for bar installation. Another solution is to purchase a smaller ringed towel holder above the sink, or even on the door.

Design Elements
Don’t be afraid to use any amount of space you have. Small pictures or paintings can be installed directly above a toilet. You can even place plants or vases on the toilet lid.

Small side tables or even magazine racks can be tucked into the corner of the bathroom. If you have any space on the window sill you can place small ornaments or objects there. Small stools can also be used as decorative tables, or a spot where you can sit and towel down after a bath.

Consider draping towels over the bathtub. They can be part of your overall bathroom design, particularly if you don’t have a linen closet located in your small bathroom.

Best Flooring for Small Spaces
You can still have a tile flooring with intricate details. The key is to paint the walls and ceiling above with a simple light paint to balance the space.

If you are opting for tile on the floor, consider extending it into your shower space. This is a great way to make your small bathroom look larger, and also a good way to have an intricate tile design that normally would be wasted on only a few square feet of space in the guest bathroom.

It’s still possible to have big design in small bathroom spaces. Remember to carefully evaluate every square foot of your space. Even placing a small shelf in a convenient spot will provide that added design touch.