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Let’s start with a question; what are the two things that come to mind when planning your bathroom design scheme? Well, besides the bathtubs and tiles, you’ll also want to look into getting lights and mirrors. These two components always work with every space and style, as such, you won’t be wrong to take the plunge when you have the chance.

The good news is, today’s market is saturated with quite a number of products for lighting and mirrors. But of course, there’s a problem; it’s not always easy to find a combination that works. At this point, you’re probably looking to install wall lights right next to the mirror, and that’s pretty good. It’s however important to note that the combination of your choice may not work with your space or overall design scheme. What’s more, the installation process may be more time-consuming than you imagine.

So what now?
Well, this is exactly where LED mirrors come into the picture! They’re the perfect, two-for-one choice for vanity lighting in the bathroom. For the most part, Led mirrors usually come in a variety of shapes and sizes; there’s always something everyone.

Perhaps one of the biggest draws of LED mirrors is that they come with quite a number of impressive benefits. Besides being safe and green, LED mirrors use much less electricity compared to other lighting options. It’s also good to point out that LED lights can last a pretty long time before running out of juice — we’re talking thousands and thousands of hours!

And of course, Led mirrors are sure to be your best bet for makeup — the super bright, white light will ensure that everything on your face is perfect!

Ready to get your hands on some of the best LED mirrors out there?

If yes, you won’t be wrong to choose Finesse. The company stocks some of the finest LED mirrors that offers the perfect mix of beauty and functionality.

Finesse 24″ Aurora Illuminated Rectangle LED Mirror
Among the many eye-catching designs available, the Finesse 24″ Aurora Illuminated Rectangle LED Mirror is one that comes with a look that’s sure to work with just about every bathroom style out there.

Speaking of design, this LED mirror boasts a frosted white glass shelving which works to illuminate your bath space and transform it into something magical. What’s more, the mirror is made of high-quality materials and the best part is that its 5mm thick glass provides up to 35% more clarity than your regular mirror. Its hypersensitivity power sensor is also a big plus!

Finesse 24″ Draco Illuminated Rectangle LED Mirror
Want something that toes the line between traditional and modern? Just check out the Finesse 24″ Draco Illuminated Rectangle LED Mirror. It comes with a back-lit design that never fails to light up the room and make it beautiful.

Draco Illuminated Rectangle Mirror also features Finesse’s hypersensitivity sensor and of course, come with the 5mm thick glass that’s 35% clearer than traditional mirrors. As you probably guessed, the Finesse 24″ Draco Illuminated Rectangle LED Mirror is made of premium quality materials making it a great pick that’s sure to last a long time.

Finesse 36″ Carina Illuminated Rectangle LED Mirror
Still coming with the exclusive 5mm thick glass, the Finesse 36″ Carina LED Mirror is a sleek two-in-one piece that can increase the aesthetic value of your bath space. As with other LED mirrors from Finesse, the 36″ Carina Illuminated Rectangle LED Mirror delivers natural white light that’s perfect for anyone and everyone. And of course, the piece comes with the brand’s outstanding hypersensitivity power sensor — just perfect!

To sum it up, LED mirrors are good, but of course, it gets better when you choose Finesse. Just so you know, all models from this brand are made of premium quality copper-free, anti-rust materials and also come with 6500K color temperature. What’s more, the LED mirrors boast an operation time of 50,000 hours! Now you can focus more on looking good in the mirror and worry less about replacing bulbs every now and then. The easy installation process is also a big plus — all in all, a great brand to choose for overall bathroom design scheme! Be sure to check out their site for more outstanding bathroom LED mirror options.