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Many people who have old built-in bathtubs may simply order the same type of tub when it’s time to replace it. But there are many benefits to freestanding bathtubs. Not only are the costs coming down, but installation can be much simpler and less expensive than having to install a built-in tub. If you have enough space for a freestanding tub, there are many different styles and faucet options to explore.

Traditional or Modern
Your traditional freestanding tub can be white with pedestal feet, but there are also other options if you wish to provide a modern look to your bathroom instead. Some new tubs are oval in shape, with faucets that hang over the edge.

But no matter which shape you choose, your freestanding tub is going to be able to hold more water than your built-in one. This is perfect for people who love to linger in the tub and have plenty of hot baths. A long hot soak is perfect for indoor or outdoor sporting types, or for those seniors who have old achy muscles. A hot bath offers many opportunities to relax at the end of a long day. And a larger person can also have a nice long bath with a tub full of water that covers most of their body.

Freestanding Tub Practicality
While you want to measure your space correctly, it can be more difficult to find a built-in bathtub that fits your exact space. Now you don’t have to worry about adding inserts or boards to make it fit. And there is no need to add special decorative panels, or install tiling up to the front side of your tub.

You’ll be able to choose your freestanding tub based on its style, rather than its shape, and its ability to hold much more water. Installation is also much simpler. Instead of needing to hire a decorator and a contractor, you can simply choose what tub you want, then call in the plumber.

Freestanding Tub Placement
If you already have a freestanding tub it will be much easier to swap out for a brand new one. If you’re planning on tearing out an old built-in, you may still have to add additional tile on walls and floors to cover up the exposed spaces.

But you can place your tub almost anywhere in the room that’s not where the toilet or sink are—though these can be moved too! But just imagine, you can decide which end has the faucet, or even place it in the middle, or have a rain shower.

If you’re seeking a greater choice of bathtub options for your bathroom, a freestanding tub may be the answer. Not only can you choose size, color, and a variety of plumbing fixtures for it, but also the perfect placement in your room. And the ultimate choice is up to you, rather than having to decide on the same old built-in bathtub.