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What are Bathroom Vanities?

The bathroom is one of the essential rooms in the home. And of course, a critical component of bathrooms is the bathroom vanities.

Bathroom vanities are furniture that serves several purposes in the bathroom. Frequently, the vanities usually accommodate the vanity sink and all its plumbing. This piece helps to keep the pipes out of the way and out of view.

The Vanity also serves as a cabinet for your bathroom supplies like toothpaste, and soaps and all those little things that ought to be kept off sight.  Finally, your bathroom vanities may also accommodate your bathroom mirror; even though the mirror isn’t a part of the vanity per se.

Hence, selecting a bathroom vanity is a very critical choice to make since the vanities are an important component and a centerpiece of your bathroom.

I will be sharing some vital tips that you should consider before buying a vanity for your bathroom

The Height of the Bathroom Vanity

Ensure you go for a vanity with the perfect height. Most cabinets have the standard 30 inches bathroom vanity height. This will be fine only if you are of a “standard height,” but if you are shorter, you may discover that the vanity is too high for your use.  On the other hand, if you are extremely tall, you may have to bend to brush your teeth. So, you may visit a local store to search for a particular vanity that is perfect for your height.

The Visual appeal and Storage Capacity of your Bathroom Vanity

You not only want to use your bathroom vanity, but you also want it to have a great visual appeal. Select a good looking and great colored vanity, but also remember what you want to use it for. The primary use of a bathroom vanity is storage so you must first consider what you would store and the required space. Then you will be buying a bathroom vanity that is perfect for what you need it to do and at the same time, good looking.

The Size of the Vanity

You also want to put into consideration, the size of the bathroom vanity. A while ago I talked about the height of the vanity, but the width is also an important factor to look out for. Remember your bathroom has a defined amount of space, and you can’t change that. So,  ensure the available space is sufficient for your new bathroom vanity. Your piece should not be too short and must not be too long. While too short may not fit, too long can create installation issues. If your bathroom vanity is too long, it may disrupt other activities in the bathroom.

The shape of the Bathroom Vanity

Another factor you want to consider is the shape of the bathroom vanity. Do you want the vanity to go along a wall? Or you want it to be at a corner? You just have to select the particular shape you want for your vanity. When selecting a shape, remember that there should be adequate space, so it doesn’t obstruct the opening of your bathroom door.

Final Note

Before you set out to acquire a new bathroom vanity, ensure you take out time to consider the factors above and determine the specific requirement. Storage requirement, space, height, width, color and more needs to be carefully thought about. Then you can go out with confidence to acquire the exact bathroom vanity you desire. For a better shopping experience, you may want to do your shopping online as you have a wide variety of bathroom vanities to choose from and from different online shops as well as different competitive prices. This will help you get the best and save big. Ensure you surf a bit before you settle for bathroom vanity.