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Polaris Home Design is the place to come to for your bathroom remodeling and replacement needs in bathroom tubs, showers, toilets; bathroom faucets, sinks and tiles. Simply put, in bathroom remodeling we have a large array of whatever you need to create your dream bathroom with expert design professionals to advice you at every stage of your project.

This means that you can replace your old bathtub, shower, sink; or whatever in bathroom fixtures, with something new and fantastic, whether you want a modern or classic look. Plus; we have 3D modeling so that you can see how your new bathroom will look prior to ordering.

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Our team of professionals can help you with guidance for your DIY project, or provide specifications and details to your contractor.

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Find a great variety of bathtubs at Polaris and add relaxation, style and elegance to your bathroom.

Bathtubs and fixtures are the mainstay of your bathroom. Designing the bathroom that you’ve always dreamed of or remodel the one you have is easy when you have our assistance. With all the selections of tubs to choose, from a whirlpool to a luxurious sunken tub, the options are here. Plus, the array of fixtures to accent the tubs and sinks range from the simple to the outrageous and everywhere in between. We have whatever it is you’re looking for all in one easy to access showroom. Your choice is our specialty!

Freestanding Bathtubs

A Freestanding Bathtub stands alone and is finished on all sides. A freestanding tub can be placed anywhere in the bathroom because of this all sided finish. Freestanding bathtubs come in a variety of sizes, styles, colors too. These tubs have a pampering vibe which is why their other name is “soaking tubs.” One thing to keep in mind though is that freestanding tubs can be heavy, and the floor to the bathroom may need to be reinforced. However; there are lighter options available which do include a acrylic design if the floor won’t support the weight of a heavier tub. Come and see the options at our showroom today.

Clawfoot Bathtubs

The Clawfoot Bathtub which is most familiar to people has a roll rim. This traditional looking bathtub is based on the design of the cast iron clawfoot tubs. The original clawfoot tub were made between 1890 and 1940. Another type of clawfoot bathtub is the Slipper Clawfoot which has a high back construction that gives a more comfortable seating position for a reclining bath while resting the head. In addition, there is the Double Slipper Clawfoot which has the high-back construction on both ends. And lastly in this style there is the Double-ended Clawfoot Tubs which has a rounded side for a better choice of bathing positions. If you’d like to have a clawfoot bathtub in your bathroom, come and visit our showroom today.

Alcove Bathtubs

An Alcove Bathtub is a tub which is recessed and is usually rectangular. It leaves one side of the tub accessible and is adjacent to the other three walls. The back, front and one side of the tub are bordered by some kind of structure or by the bathroom walls. The depth of these tubs can vary in depth depending upon what the manufacturer considered a standard tub depth to be. Now an alcove tub has a right or left hand installation. All this means is that the drain is either on the right-side end or on the left-side end when facing the tub from the accessible side. When making your choice of alcove bathtubs, come see us.

Drop In Bathtubs

A Drop-in Bathtub is only the tub shell. It is placed into a framed enclosure which is designed to match existing tile or bathroom cabinets. This type of tub can be installed in peninsulas, islands and corners; or sunk into the floor. It can be many shapes. The tub is supported from below and has a self-rimming edge. The edge is designed to sit over the existing frame and is topped with water-resistant material. This type of type is usually used for whirlpool baths. If this is the type of bathtub you’re interested in, stop by and see us today.

Acrylic & Fiberglass Bathtubs

Acrylic is a form of plastic and is used to make bathtubs. It has a high gloss and looks similar to the enameled appearance of the cast iron and steel tubs. However; it’s much lighter in weight than iron or steel. If it get scratched, it can be repaired more easily than a porcelain enamel surface. Fiberglass tubs are made from fiberglass-reinforced plastic that is covered in gelcoat. Usually whirlpools and air tubs are made from this because it can be shaped easily. The gelcoat has a smooth and glossy surface and can be cleaned easily.

Cast Iron & Steel Bathtubs

A Cast Iron Bathtub is extremely durable and usually has a porcelain enamel covering. A tub which is made from cast iron can last decades without question. This type of tub is usually of the alcove or the free-standing variety. It’s easy to clean and the finish is durable, but you don’t want to use an aggressive scouring technique and agent or the surface could be scratched. This type of tub does need a good floor support though. Enamel on steel tubs look a lot like the cast iron ones, but they weight much less. The surface of this tub is also easy to clean and maintain. Since they weigh less, the floor support isn’t as problematic. If this type of bathtub has caught your attention, come to our showroom and talk to one of our experts today.
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