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If you’re remodeling your bathroom, there’s an incredible array of vanities to choose from. And regardless of whether you prefer a simple, modern style or a more ornate look, here are six of the most pervasive trends we’re noticing this year for bathroom vanities and fixtures.

Bathroom-Vanities-Trends-In-2016-Open-shelving1. Open shelving

This has long been a trend in kitchen cabinetry, and it’s starting to leak into the bathroom remodel landscape as well. Open shelving, whether made from wood, steel, glass, or another material, can often be more functional than traditional closed cabinets. If you don’t have a linen closet, this trend is a great storage solution for your towels.

High-tech medicine cabinets2. High-tech medicine cabinets

Much more functional than the shallow medicine cabinets of yesteryear, the new medicine cabinets aren’t only more spacious, they also come with integrated device charging. Some even have built-in flat screen TVs on the front instead of a mirror. Smart lighting, such as an accent fixture that turns on when someone enters the room, is also gaining steam.

Bathroom-Vanities-Trends-In-2016-Double-vanities-with-cabinetry3. Double vanities with cabinetry

Unlike a traditional double vanity that has the sinks side-by-side, this spin on a master bathroom classic places a tall cabinet in between the two sinks for even more storage. Taking advantage of vertical space is especially smart if you are dealing with a small space.

Bathroom-Vanities-Trends-In-2016-Floating-vanities4. Floating vanities

Not only do these stylish pieces double as a work of art, they are also adjustable. This makes them incredibly versatile and easy to use, even for those who are older and may have mobility issues.

Bathroom-Vanities-Trends-In-2016-Natural-materials5. Natural materials

While bringing materials from the outdoors into your interior space has been on trend for a few years now, it’s gone beyond just wood. Natural stone is a big hit for sinks, putting a warm spin on the traditional white porcelain. Go for kiln-fired ceramic or polished river rock for a subtle look with a big impact.

Bathroom-Vanities-Trends-In-2016-White-finish6. White finish

If you want a clean, modern look, there’s no better way than choosing a white or ivory vanity. Pair with a dark granite sink for striking drama, or go for white marble if you prefer a more minimal look.