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Bathroom Vanities are the most important part of your bathroom, hence, it’s important to choose something that fits your bathroom style. A good bathroom vanity outlet can not only help you choose the right vanity but also help you design your space. Here are a few upcoming bathroom vanity styles.

Marble vanities
If you want your bathroom to have an air of luxury, consider a marble vanity, they can be found at most bathroom vanity outlets. They are very heavy and can be more difficult to install than a wood vanity, but they have the sophistication that you would expect from a high-end hotel. They’re also very durable and can take plenty of wear and tear.

Vessel vanities
These elegant vanities have sink bowls that sit on top of the vanity instead of in it. While they take up more vertical space than your average vanity, they are very aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated. These vanities can also be made out of a wide range of different materials and paired with various styles at a bathroom vanities outlet, so they are very versatile.

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