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Bathrooms need to be cleaned and aerated regularly to reduce occurrences of mold, grime, and bacteria. Maintaining a healthy environment in your bathroom covers more than just cleanliness. Its style and design also determine how long your shower will remain in a good state.
Here are several mistakes you should avoid when designing a bathroom.

1. Forgetting to future proof your bathroom

Future proofing is designing your bathroom in a way that provides room for future additional designs. For instance, you just bought a house but didn’t have the capital to put in other models. In such cases, ensure your bathroom is designed so that remodeling can be done. Future proofing also entails having a bathroom design that lasts for longer and requires minimal maintenance, especially if it’s for use by the whole family.

2. Not cutting down on the resale value

As a homeowner, you can knockdown the resale prices by ensuring that your bathroom design and bathroom vanities are simple. You should make use of grey and white colors since they are easy to design. Since your bathroom is made of neutral colors, you can, later on, add removable wallpapers or other removable designs. Such items will make renovations cheaper and quicker. As a homeowner, you should consider this when you aren’t planning on staying in a particular home for too long.

3. Adding permanent fixtures

It is common for bathroom appliances to get spoilt. For instance, your toilet might clog, requiring the plumber to check pipes that are below your house. During the process, your bathroom flooring and other vanities could get destroyed. It is, therefore, essential to go for bathroom vanities, whose installation and removal is simple. By doing so, your savings will remain intact.

4. Not considering the height

When designing your bathroom, ensure that all appliances are placed appropriately. For example, the positing of the shower or the height of the towel hanger shouldn’t inconvenience users. The towel hanger should neither be too low nor too high. Low towel hangers are ineffective since the towel is always damp.

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