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Bathroom mirrors have been a centerpiece for beauty and elegance dating back to the 19th century. Designers and homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to make a bathroom look larger and more spacious. One way of doing this is by adding mirrors.

One type of bathroom mirror is the frameless mirror. It’s becoming popular because of its elegant and contemporary look while giving an illusion of more space. Should you settle on a frameless mirror, consider these essential tips.


If you are using frameless mirrors for your bathroom’s interior design, think about proportions. This includes not only the size of the mirror but also the measurements of the space available to install your mirror. It may look dwarfed if it is too small or appears overwhelming if it’s too big. However, a small mirror is fine if its intended purpose is for applying make-up and similar instances.


There are numerous variations of the quality of mirrors. Typically, you want to experience some depth when looking at your mirror instead of just a flat reflection. Most frameless mirrors have sealed edges and backing to keep moisture and steam from penetrating the mirror. If you acquire a frameless mirror without this feature, you may end up with a hazy mirror. While it may not be cheap to get such a mirror, it’s still a worthy investment knowing you will have a beautiful looking mirror for a long time. When you go shopping for a bathroom mirror from a reputable shop such as Polaris, make sure to inform them that the frameless mirror will be used for your bathroom. They should be able to show you frameless mirrors that go perfectly with your bathroom vanity and style as well as capable of keeping humidity at bay.


Use mirror mastic or mirror clips to install a frameless mirror to your bathroom wall. This will help you avoid leaving marks on the mirror’s edges. Before installing, make sure the wall is clean so that the glue may adhere well. Scrape the wall using a steel putty knife, apply a base coat and then the mirror mastic. While it’s easy to install it yourself, it’s best to leave it to professionals.

Bathroom mirrors allow you to witness beautiful angles and views of your bathroom. Polaris Home Design is a vanity store with the latest frameless mirrors, including LED mirrors. Visit our showroom today to view our full range of products.