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Many people who do a bathroom renovation choose to do it all at once, as it can save time and expense. Often the bathroom and the kitchen are the first two rooms in a home that will undergo a renovation. Other rooms can be much simpler, requiring only new wall paint or lighting fixtures.

Main Components of Bathroom Renovation

Generally, the main components of a bathroom renovation will be new fixtures—sink, toilet, and tub, a bathroom vanity, wall paint, and bathroom tile for sink, tub surround and floor.

It’s best to plan to do a full bathroom renovation so that your floor will match up to the edge of your tub or your bathroom vanity. Nothing is worse than ripping out an old vanity, installing the new one, and then finding that there is a bare spot of floor left. Just do it all at once and have only the one disruption for the year.

Best Options for Bathroom Tile

After your bathtub, toilet, and vanity have been fitted in your bathroom, the tile setter will get to work. But today, there are many options for tiles. The options can be nearly limitless.

There are modern day tiles such as travertine, which is a type of limestone. You can also have faux wood tiles that are resistant to water, or even real pebbles and stones.

There are also the traditional options of ceramic or porcelain tile. Both are made from natural clay, but porcelain has the benefit of being the same color and pattern throughout, whereas ceramic is only finished on the top. If your tile chips over time, it will be less noticeable with porcelain.

Benefits of Glass Tile

Glass tile is becoming a popular choice for homeowners in bathrooms and kitchens. These tiles come in every size from small mosaic to large panels. Glass tiles can be used for the floor, but care must be taken for their choice, particularly if you have children or seniors in the home. This type of tile can be slippery when wet. While the glass is simple to clean, grout is a lot harder to keep looking good. Many make the mistake of cleaning floors with Lysol, which can turn darken grout over time.

But you can purchase textured glass floor tiles and pre-seal your grout so it looks good for longer. Or, just stick to glass bathroom tiles as a highlight for bathtub and sink. There are also darker grout colors which may be a better option in high traffic areas.

Another great benefit of glass tile is that it comes in virtually every color of the rainbow. It can also be texturized, and have patterns within it. It’s one of the most versatile materials.

If you’re still confused as to which type of bathroom tile will look best with your bathroom vanity, bathtub, and floor, we can assist you with the best choice. We don’t just sell you a bathroom vanity, we want to ensure that you are 100% happy with your choice.