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You’ve settled for a rundown bathroom for the last time. It’s now time to plan your bathroom remodeling. You’re going to be searching through bathtubs, bathroom vanities, and new bathroom tile at the home hardware store. But since virtually every surface in your bathroom needs to be updated, it can be a daunting task figuring out where to start.

Here are some tips to help you get started on your new bathroom remodel.

Set a budget

It’s time to examine your bank account and credit, and be realistic. Do you have some savings set aside to update your bathroom? If you charge up a few grand on the credit card, can you easily pay it off in the upcoming months?

When setting your budget you need to cover the costs of new bathroom fixtures, supplies such as caulking and paint, and the cost of the laborers.

Allocate your time

Consider what your schedule is like in the upcoming months and include your spouse in on your plans too. There’s no point in doing a bathroom reno over a holiday if you’re going away, or someone is working overtime and can’t contribute to the project.

You’ll also need to consider what you’re doing when you don’t have a working toilet, bathtub, or sink. You should be focusing on switching out the toilet first to get that up and running. Most people can make-do without a sink or bathtub for a day or so.

Leave time for emergencies

Many people who do home renos know that there are always those unexpected issues that happen. The floor boards are rotted under the bathtub, or the electrical is so old it needs to be completely replaced. Perhaps you can’t place the sink where you want because the wall is solid. This means additional time working against your schedule so you can solve these additional problems.

Logical sequence

There’s no point in tiling the floor first, then trying to install the toilet on top of it, or your new bathroom vanity. Consider a logical sequence of events. Big fixtures first. Then tiling and flooring. Next, painting the walls and ceiling. And finally, the installation of the lighting and switch plates.

Complimentary colors

When designing a new bathroom you must always keep colors in mind. Ensure that the colors of your bathroom fixtures all coordinate together. You can have attractive contrasting colors but not ones that clash. You may even get right down into the details such as lighting, towels, and decorative objects.

Hire a contractor

Once you’ve worked out your budget and a general plan, hire a contractor to manage the entire project. They’ll be the ones who hire the right professionals, so that your toilet and sinks are hooked up properly to pipes, and that your tile is perfectly installed.

A new bathroom remodel can be an exciting process. There is always eager anticipation to use your brand new bathroom, without having to worry about a toilet or sink that doesn’t work properly.