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Although your bathroom is a very functional space, it’s also an excellent place to get creative with home decor. Because bathrooms are typically quite small, you can go for bold design ideas that really pack a punch without it feeling overwhelming. There are a variety of different bathroom design trends that have been popular lately – here are some of the most exciting that you might want to incorporate into your home.

Sleek Neutrals

Minimalism is definitely in fashion right now, and a sleek, minimalist bathroom feels very modern and elegant. Just because you opt for a neutral color scheme does not mean that your bathroom has to be boring – in fact, it gives you more room to play around with shapes and materials. Uniquely shaped floor tiles and tiled countertops have been a big part of this trend, as are warm bronze and brass metals, which are a nice way to liven up a neutral color scheme.


The rustic trend is a great way to bring a little bit of country charm to your bathroom without it being too overdone. By incorporating antique bathroom vanities, classic standalone bathtubs, and other charming items with a vintage feel, you can create the perfect farmhouse style. Add wood flooring or other wood touches to make it feel warm and cozy.

Bold Colors

If you have a bold color or print you love that’s just a little too much for a larger room in the house, consider using it for your bathroom instead. A bold color can make for an excellent backsplash behind your mirror, especially when the rest of the room is kept quite subtle. Florals are particularly trendy right now, but you can really add any pattern you love to get the effect.

While these are a few of the most popular bathroom design trends right now, there are so many ways you can get creative when designing your space. Don’t be afraid to incorporate things that you love, even if they are a little bit outside the box. For all of your bathroom remodeling supplies, visit Polaris Home Design in North Hollywood, CA.