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A bathroom renovation is likely the second most costly indoor renovation to your home. A bathroom reno can encompass the bathtub, sink, toilet, bathroom vanity, tile, countertop, flooring, lighting, and new paint, while other rooms in the home may need only lighting and paint.

Many homeowners are tempted to do a complete DIY, rather than hiring professionals for the job, but this can involve time and effort. Here are some tips on helping you to figure what the best choice may be for your new bathroom project.

Resale value

You may be able to live with your DIY bathroom renos. The paint may be uneven in spots, or you installed the vanity a bit crooked. But if your home is up for resale, you’ll want to ensure that everything is perfect. People don’t want to buy a home and then have to fix shoddy craftsmanship. In fact, this can cut into the value you’re earning. A reno done by professionals will give you a higher selling price.

Are you a handyman or tradesman?

It’s great if you’re a licensed carpenter, electrician, or plumber. Sure, go ahead and tackle that part of the job. But if you’ve never installed a sink before, or a bathroom mirror, there can be a lot of swearing involved. Your main issue is going to be getting connections done properly, so the bathroom doesn’t leak, and getting the fixtures in straight and centered.

Do you have access to the tools you need? Or would you have to go to the local hardware store to buy what you need? These tools can be costly once their purchase is added up. You may think you’re saving money on doing your own tiling, until you have a look at all those receipts.

Hiring professionals means you’re hiring their equipment and supplies. And even if you bought your own stuff, where are you going to store the supplies and tools afterward, particularly if you live in a small condo?

Living with imperfections

You know how it works. You make a repair or install something in your home, but you’re fully aware of the imperfections. You had to settle for the project being done, rather than doing it right, because you didn’t have the knowledge to do so. Now every time you look at your home’s bathtubs, or bathroom vanities, the gaps and cracks will always capture your attention.

If you’re a perfectionist, you may prefer to hire a professional to do the job right.

DIY Projects

If you want to contribute to your bathroom renovation to save money, you can still purchase your own fixtures, such as bathtubs, bathroom vanities, and bathroom tile. You’ll always have a hand in your reno, even if you’re not doing the final stages of work.

You can also assist with the teardown. Be sure to have 100% communication with your contractor, so that the two of you can work out which aspects of the project are your responsibility, and which are best left to the professionals.