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A bathroom vanity consists of one or two sinks, encased within a countertop that can be made of marble, granite, quartz, or quartzite. Quartz countertops, by the way, are the most popular choice for countertops nowadays because of their elegant look and durability. Most importantly, the vanity also includes the cabinet that surrounds the bottom of the sink, to hide the pipes, as well as to provide storage space.

A bathroom vanity can come in every size and shape to fit any size of bathroom. There are even some that look like actual furniture. And some are repurposed vintage or antique furniture.

Using Darker Colors

In the past, dark colors have been equated to making a space look smaller, while lighter colors can make a space appear larger. This is great advice for the dining or living room, but you don’t need to adhere to it for your bathroom.

Darker colors also have the purpose of pulling a space together and making it appear cozier. Many people like the bathroom to be a place of tranquility. It’s not unusual to see a dark blue or dark purple on the walls. Even a dark silvery grey can work well.

If you want dark walls in your bathroom, go for it. The smaller the bathroom, the darker you can get. Just be sure to have some bright lighting.

Match your wall and vanity colors

Vanities usually come in neutral colors like white, black, brown, and beige. The good news is that these colors will all work well with almost any type of wall color or bathroom tile.

If you have super dark walls, you may opt for a lighter colored vanity. For example, if your walls are purple, a lighter color of oak vanity will go well, or aqua blue walls with a medium color of oak or maple.

Lighter walls will match well with a darker stain in your vanity, like espresso, black or dark cherry finish cabinets.

Add Accessories to Pull the Look Together

Once your walls are painted, and your bathroom vanity and sink has been installed, you can finish your design. Choose towel colors that contrast with the walls. Add ceramic vanity accessories to the countertop. Match a storage shelf to the color of the vanity.

Be sure to ask for samples so you can coordinate the colors in your bathroom renovation. Paint samples are easy to acquire. Find out if you can get vanity material samples, or take plenty of photographs. Some people choose the vanity first and base everything else around it, while others choose the other elements of their bathroom first, then find a vanity to fit.