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Either you have good design sense, or you don’t, it’s possible to teach good design to a homeowner so that your bathroom design elements coordinate but never clash. If you’ve uncertain on how to get started, use this guide below.

Choose Colors
It can be a challenge deciding which colors coordinate together. It’s simpler to choose a few colors based on these tips.

Choose two or three of one color. For example, if you want to do greens in your kitchen, you may wish to choose a light green for the walls, a medium green for the flooring, and a dark green for your towels and small appliances.

There are also neutral colors, such as black, brown, white, grey, and beige. Generally, one neutral color will work well with almost any type of color: blue, red, green, yellow, orange, and purple.

From the Ground Up
Many people like to start from the ground up when they’re doing bathroom design. Generally, install the bathtub first, have a spot laid out for toilet, and then flooring can be installed first, and then the bath cabinet next. It’s difficult to install flooring underneath a small furniture-style cabinet afterwards.

Choose Materials in Similar Colors
Whether you’ve decided to go with a standard white cabinet, or a genuine wood cabinet, ensure that other similar items in the bathroom coordinate together. Mirror frames and picture frames don’t need to match, but don’t do more than two of any material type, particularly if the bathroom is small.

Sink and bathtub faucets should be in the same chrome, gold, brass, or other color. Often many people like to match towel bars and lighting fixtures to the faucets too.

Ask for Swatches
There are swatches available for almost every aspect of bathroom design. You can request paint swatch cards so you can take them home and have a look at them under bathroom lighting. You can also get small laminate floorboards or tiles to bring home too.

If you’re hiring a designer, they’ll bring a variety of swatches to your home so you can sort through them all. You may also ask if you can take photographs at a showroom so you can refer to the details once you’re back at home. If you’re shopping online, take screen snapshots and do bookmarks so you can find these items easily again.

Choose Coordinating Decorative Items
This is where you can add a bit of color. Bathroom towels should be in an inviting and warm color. Match towels to vases or containers. Baskets can match any design element.

Once you begin coordinating colors you’ll become more adept at creating a design for your new bathroom. But if you need help, Polaris Home Design has a team of design professionals who can assist you through every step of the process. Once your new bathroom is ready you’ll impress friends and family who didn’t realize you had the confidence to follow through with a successful home renovation!