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Any bathtub is not just a tub! Choosing the material of a tub is just one of the decisions a homeowner must make when they are planning a bathroom redesign. Acrylic bathtubs are created through the unique properties of the acrylic material, which is manufactured in large sheets. Acrylic is the same material that is commonly known as Plexiglas.

Properties of acrylic bathtubs

The word “glass” in its name is a clue to some of the properties of acrylic. Acrylic sheets have properties that are similar to glass, but acrylic weighs much less than glass and is more resistant to impacts than glass. Although it seems quite hard, acrylic sheets can be shaped in just about any form, which makes it a great option for creating beautiful freestanding tubs. Sometimes, fiberglass is added to the acrylic to make the tub’s shape stronger.

Acrylic, like glass, has a smooth surface that is impervious to stains and other impacts. It also has the insulating properties of glass and holds in heat quite well. This is a boon for people who want to be able to have a tub to soak in and enjoy the water staying warm for a long time.

Cleaning an acrylic tub

Imagine using an abrasive scrubber on a drinking glass. While the glass would still be usable, it is likely that the scrubber would damage the surface of the glass. The surface of an acrylic bathtub is similar to that of glass. Porcelain tubs can be easily chipped. Instead, acrylic tubs are more easily scratched. This may seem like a disadvantage, but the truth is that polishing out a scratch and repairing it is easier than filling in a chip. It is simple and sufficient to clean an acrylic tub with a gentle cleanser and a soft cloth.

Advantages of acrylic bathtubs

When compared to other types of tub materials, acrylic stands out as an affordable option. Especially when you consider that the acrylic is repairable, you will realize that over the life of the tub you will get your money’s worth, even if it does become scratched and needs to be repaired. The easy ability of acrylic to be shaped means that you can find a tub in just about any color or design. The tubs are lightweight when compared to other tub materials, which makes them a good choice for homeowners who may want a tub in an upstairs room but may be concerned about weight.

If you felt that a porcelain tub was the only choice you had, think again! Acrylic bathtubs open up a world of easy-clean bathroom design options.