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Now available from Polaris Home Designs are brand-new cabinets from the Greencastle brand. The centerpiece of the new arrival are recently released Ashton Gray Shaker style modern kitchen cabinets that look right at home among contemporary home decor. According to a company spokesperson from Polaris Home Designs, “The Greencastle brand provides some of the best options when renovating. Their affordable kitchen cabinets are made of solid wood and are a very attractive option for modern kitchen designs. The visible wood grain adds authenticity without adding cost.” Made from high-quality materials at every stage of the manufacturing process, Greencastle brand kitchen cabinets are designed to be incredibly attractive without sacrificing any affordability.

The Shaker style for kitchen cabinets is incredibly popular today due to the rise in popularity of farmhouse-style kitchens. However, the simple, refined style is also used to complement a number of different kitchen designs. The classic simplicity makes them endlessly adaptable, and they are an excellent choice for kitchen redesigns today as they will not go out of style.

In addition to the brand-new Ashton Gray Shaker style cabinets, Polaris Home Design has also added more than 15 other kitchen designs from the Greencastle brand to its collection. They come in a variety of finishes, including authentic wood patterns, abstract prints, and metallic designs. Polaris Home Design offers a wide variety of Greencastle brand kitchens in order to meet their customers’ needs. No matter what customers are looking for in a kitchen redesign, the Greencastle brand has a style that will work for them at an affordable cost.

The new arrival of Greencastle kitchen cabinets also includes the arrival of the very popular German Designs kitchens. These cabinets come in a variety of finishes as well, including white, black, oak wood, redwood, and grey. There are also many other options that can be customized to fit any kitchen’s design. German Designs kitchens are certified to meet all common quality standards. They are high-quality cabinets that are designed to last a lifetime.

When looking for kitchen cabinets in Los Angeles, the Greencastle brand is an industry leader. Polaris also offers installation services, so customers experience a smooth process from purchase to installation. This also saves customers money, as they do not need to deal with multiple companies. Polaris Home Design’s recent addition of this popular brand cements their place as a go-to dealer of kitchen cabinetry and furnishings in the LA area.