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Today, Polaris Home Design, a bathroom and kitchen store and showroom serving the Los Angeles area, announced the arrival of their new line of modern kitchens. These USA-made kitchens are the latest addition to the original line of Polaris pieces, which includes bathroom vanities and custom countertops.

This exciting news comes hot on the heels of several new launches for the Polaris brand of kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

“We wanted to offer our customers an affordable way of remodeling their kitchens in style,” said a company spokesperson of the recent launch.

“With the competitive prices of our kitchen cabinets, we are able to satisfy virtually any budget, giving our customers the chance to totally revamp the look of their kitchen without having to pay for an entire kitchen overhaul. Plus, we were able to achieve it all without outsourcing any jobs overseas — we’re proud to say that all of our cabinets are made entirely in the US.”

These new American-made cabinets come in a wide range of styles to accommodate the preferences and existing kitchen styles of Polaris customers. They are available in oak wood, walnut, maple, cherry, mahogany and more. To make these options easy for customers to see and understand, Polaris Home Design have built a display in their showroom to showcase the variety of styles and finishes in person.

One of the major benefits of Polaris manufacturing their own line of kitchens is that the opportunity for customization becomes much greater. The company has already tested this on the market by offering custom quartz countertops, which can be made on-site to fit any specified dimensions. Now, they are able to expand this feature to include kitchen cabinets, which can be manufactured at any size along with the custom stone countertops in any shape and color.