A brand-new range has recently arrived at Polaris Home Design, which includes a vast selection of bathroom tile, kitchen tile, floor tile, and wall tile products. Customers who visit the Polaris showroom can touch and feel the multiple displays showcasing these new arrivals. With various

When you’re installing a brand new bathtub in your home you don’t want to reuse your old faucet. Doing a full bathtub install is the best time to update to brand new faucets as well. Nothing will update the look of your bathroom more than

If your old bathtub is chipped, warped, or leaking water, you’re in the market for a brand new bathtub. If you have the space, a freestanding bathtub may be your best option. There are many reasons why people love to have a freestanding tub in

A kitchen remodeling project can take upwards of a month to complete. While it’s difficult living without a kitchen, many homeowners choose to remodel the key components of a kitchen first: new cabinets, kitchen counter, and new flooring, then figure out the lighting and paint

Now available from Polaris Home Designs are brand-new cabinets from the Greencastle brand. The centerpiece of the new arrival are recently released Ashton Gray Shaker style modern kitchen cabinets that look right at home among contemporary home decor.

If your old kitchen or bathroom counter is looking its age, its time to find the best quality quartz countertops. Many homeowners choose to do both bathroom and kitchen installation at the same time, decreasing time and expense. Quartz is one of the best types

Polaris Home Design today announced the arrival of a new line of acrylic freestanding bathtubs from Finesse. The new tubs range in size from 59 to 67 inches wide and have been constructed for high durability and scratch resistance. An eco-friendly surface layer of pure

Many people who have old built-in bathtubs may simply order the same type of tub when it’s time to replace it. But there are many benefits to freestanding bathtubs. Not only are the costs coming down, but installation can be much simpler and less expensive

One of the best ways to improve the functionality of a kitchen is to replace the kitchen sink and faucet. Many older homes have only one large white ceramic sink that is likely chipped, with a faucet and handle that isn’t running all that well.

Polaris, one of Los Angeles’ leading bathroom and kitchen stores has announced the arrival of a new range of antique and modern bathroom vanities, which look set to offer their clients a more luxurious and versatile bathroom design experience than ever before. The new modern

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